Julia Pannan - Board Member
Director - Business Consultant
You can email Julia at ​juliapannan@hotmail.com

Julia is currently consulting to several small businesses in Victoria in the areas of systems development, marketing, efficiency and strategy to support those who are frequently working in their business rather than on their businesses.  Businesses include both established and start ups across various industries.
She is new to the board and her experience in small and large business in both private sector and not for profit across various industries brings to the board a diverse range of experience spanning 20 years.

Skillset includes: Systems and Process streamlining for small business, Business Development, Customer Relationship Management, Sales, Social Media Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Grant writing and fund seeking, 

Interests: Single malt whiskey & gin aficionado, design and making spaces beautiful, reading non fiction, tennis, learning to play golf and human mother to an 11 year old and mother to her 3 year old fur baby St Bernard - Lord Aston

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